About me

My name is Dmitry Bocharov
I'm a Java Developer. Most of my free time I spend contributing to open source projects and studying new technologies.
I was born in Kaluga. I finished the physics-and-maths class of 9th lyceum. During the 2005-2009 I took part in multiple olympiads in physics, astronomy and maths, including all-Russian stage.
After that i moved to Moscow (Dolgoprudny) and entered the Department of Control and Applied Mathematics of Moscow Institut of Physics and technology. My diploma theme in my information technology sub-faculty was connected with image analysis.

My hobbies are hiking, rafting and horse-riding. One the most memorable is the trip to Shavlinskie Lakes by horses and then rafting on the Katune river in the summer 2015.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and I'm ready for any of your qustions, comments and criticism .

You can contact me any of the following ways:
Email: bdshadow@gmail.com
VK: http://vk.com/bdshadow