суббота, 3 октября 2015 г.

My GSOC 2015 results

Some time ago, as usual in August, Google Summer of Code finished. And in this post i'd like to tell you about my results, and, actually, about the Eclipse plugin for Hibernate Search.
First of all a number of aims were set. Basically, they consist of functionality that already exists in Luke (application that helps to work with Lucene) and that would be comfortable for user to have right in Eclipse .

During the development there were prepared two demos:
The first one shows the way to see the result of analyzers work right  in real time. The list contains all classes, that were found in your project classpath (including your own classes and third-party libs) and that extend org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer class. All Analyzers are sorted in alphabetical order. So you just need to choose the one you need and start typing the text. A new view opens immediately that shows the result.

The second one contains overview of two mechanisms: index generation and lucene documents information. Index rebuild generates initial indexes and puts them to hibernate.search.default.directory_provider, defined in hibernate configuration.then you can see the contents or index documents by clicking "Explore documents".

Currently, the plugin is rather raw and has several issues. If you have any ideas of improvement, please, create a feature request or a bug report in github or fork and create pull requests.

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